Why choose Wevend?

We are a family owned & run business (since 1997), proudly committed to first class and exceptional customer service.


WeVend machines are serviced on an AS NEEDS basis. We will service your vending machine as often as needed to ensure you have a full range of products at all times.


WeVend systems track your vending activity, allowing us to know what you eat or drink and to make certain we always keep the most popular items fully stocked.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows us to keep an eye on the temperature of our frozen foods and ice cream machines, to safeguard stock freshness and to guarantee you will never run out of stock!


Fully insured with product liability and public liability of $20 million. Servicemen covered by workers compensation insurance. Registered with Streatrader (Health Dept).


It's simple! Click on the button below, fill in the form letting us know a little about your business and we will contact you to discuss what vending machine fits your business best.

I'd like a vending machine
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    • * Potato Chips
    • * Snack Bars
    • * Lollies
    • and much more!
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    • * Canned Drinks
    • * Bottled Drinks
    • * Energy Drinks
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    • * Drinks
    • * Potato Chips
    • * Snack Bars
    • A mixture of drinks and snacks
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    • * Ice Creams
    • * Pies,Pasties,Sausage Rolls
    • * Hot Dogs to Chicken Rolls
    • Great for shift workers
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Does having a vending machine cost me anything?

No, our vending machines are totally free! Installed at no cost to you.

How often do you service and stock the vending machines?

We service the machines on an as needs basis. This may be daily, weekly or fortnightly, depending on what your needs are. Service frequencies can easily be adjusted for seasonal staff increases/decreases or changes to your requirements.

Can I add or change products?

WeVend has over 200+ products to choose from. We are happy to change products to suit your business needs. We are also happy to source products not currently listed, as long as they fit in the machine!

What are you waiting for ?

Contact WeVend now and together we can tailor a Vending machine to suit your needs