Why choose Wevend?

We are a family owned & run vending machine business in Melbourne (since 1997), proudly committed to first class and exceptional customer service.


WeVend machines are serviced on an AS NEEDS basis. We will service your vending machine as often as needed to ensure you have a full range of products at all times.


WeVend systems track your vending activity, allowing us to know what you eat or drink and to make certain we always keep the most popular items fully stocked.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows us to keep an eye on the temperature of our frozen foods and ice-cream vending machines, to safeguard stock freshness and to guarantee you will never run out of stock!


Fully insured with product liability and public liability of $20 million. Servicemen covered by workers compensation insurance. Registered with Streatrader (Health Dept).

Vending Machine with Free Installation

According to a recent survey, customers are more inclined to buy from a vending machine rather than a Supermarket. Let's put this into perspective. A supermarket is popular because customers can pick what they want, and there's minimal interaction at the cash counter. A vending machine is even more popular because customers can pick what they want and there's no interaction at all.

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WeVend is a family-owned business that installs and services vending machines free of cost. You will have to pay only for the items that you want in the machine. No matter the kind of business you own, you can always get a vending machine installed on your premises.

We have a variety of vending machines to suit your business needs and personal preferences. Whether you need a drinks vending machine or snacks vending machine or a combination of both, one phone to call WeVend is all you need to get started.

Why choose WeVend for your vending requirements?
We offer vending machines that find favour with consumers.What's the use of a vending machine when, at the end of the day, consumers are struggling to get one chocolate bar out of it? This will never be the case with our vending machines. Our vending machines feature a user-friendly interface, which is as interactive as it could get. The controls are easy to understand, and there are signs up there which guide consumers through the process. They will get what they want with a few clicks.

Reliable technical support that won't you or your vending machine down
Wevend has a friendly, highly experienced technical team that provides swift assistance in the event of break down or in case your machines's servicing is due.We also make sure that your vending machine never runs out of items, especially the best-selling ones. We can tailor our service to your individual requirements. We will come to you to offer maintenance/repair assistance or stock up your vending machine as and when required.

Remote Tracking System
With our advanced tracking system, we keep a close watch on all your vending activities remotely. This enables us to know the best-selling items and how fast they are selling.Our experts will duly maintain the stock so that all those favourite items always remain on display, and thus, your sales are not affected. Using our remote monitoring system, we can control the temperature of the vending machine to keep frozen items in their best consumable form.

Free Installation and reliable service
Not only do we install a vending machine on your premises free of cost, but we also make sure that it continues to generate revenue for you. We are conscious of the fact that when your vending machine makes a profit, part of it goes into our pocket. Your success is our success.Therefore, in order to keep your sales and our profits high, we do all we can to keep your vending machine in the best working condition and fully stocked at all times so that none of your customers leave without putting their money into the machine.

So many options to choose from
Our product-range features more than 100 products to choose from. You can stock up different products at every filling cycle so that your customers get something new every time they use your machine. We have Potato Chips & Vege Chips, Confectionery & snack bars, drinks and ice-creams. Whatever you need, in any quantity or at any interval, WeVend can deliver.

Our process is really simple and easy to get started with
When you get in touch with us and show interest in our service, we quickly get you aboard and present several vending machines to choose from.One of our experts will sit down with you to discuss your requirements and understand what meets your business needs and revenue expectations. Once we decide on the most suitable vending machine for your business, we spoil you for the choice of items you want in there. There is an extensive variety of products in our catalogue, and you can choose different products at every filling cycle.

After consultation and documentation, we will deliver and fully stock your vending machine according to your requirements. After set-up and quick configuration, your vending machine will be ready for your customers to use.

We always make sure to get our principles and work ethics right so that WeVend – and anyone who is associated with it – can endure and thrive.

Our clients are our priority, and we treat each one of our employees and servicemen with respect. We call our clients our partners, and that is why we feel obliged to share our success with them. It starts with the promise of a perfectly functioning vending machine, but our post-installation service goes beyond that. It's all about building connections and preserving them for growth prospects in future.

Still thinking?
  • Annual profit of vending machine industry is over $70 million
  • Our machines are installed free of cost
  • No service or repair cost
  • Just pay for the items you want on your machine
  • Wide variety of products to choose from
Get in touch with WeVend today to get the vending machine of your choice installed on your premises. We are the most trusted suppliers of vending machines in Melbourne, with a far-reaching customer-base across the city and the suburbs. It's easy to understand why our vending machines are making the rounds.
Vending Machine Installation is Just a Click Away

So, are you ready to pick your vending machine in Melbourne? It is extremely simple. Just fill in our online form and let us know some details about your business. We will then contact you to discuss the vending machine options that precisely cater to your needs. If you still have any queries, then please feel free to reach us on 0397583320. You can also post your queries online. We would be happy to assist you.


It's simple! Click on the button below, fill in the form letting us know a little about your business and we will contact you to discuss what vending machine fits your business best.

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Does having a vending machine cost me anything?

No, our vending machines are totally free! Installed at no cost to you.

How often do you service and stock the vending machines?

We service the machines on an as needs basis. This may be daily, weekly or fortnightly, depending on what your needs are. Service frequencies can easily be adjusted for seasonal staff increases/decreases or changes to your requirements.

Can I add or change products?

WeVend has over 200+ products to choose from. We are happy to change products to suit your business needs. We are also happy to source products not currently listed, as long as they fit in the machine!

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