Space Saving Merchandise Vending Option

Space is a major concern in small and medium sized organizations. In such cases, businesses might find it difficult to accommodate different vending machines for vending different products. This is exactly where combination vending machines make a great choice. Combo vending machines help businesses facing space constraint issues in making maximum utilization of the available space. These machines eliminate the need for getting multiple vending machines installed for dispensing different types of consumables.

Right from chilled snack compartments to chocolates and icy cold drinks, everything can be stored in these vending machines. These machines adapt to different types and forms of products, such as pet bottles, cans, packets, and many more. This gives every opportunity for supplying a wide array of cold refreshments and snacks. At WeVend, we install and supply different types and sizes of combination snack and drink vending machines for your workplace.

In-Time Professional Services

Only top quality products are used to fill our machines, and are ordered on a weekly basis to ensure the freshest product possible. Like any other equipment, vending machines also require timely servicing and maintenance services. For this reason, we provide vending machine servicing as and when you require. Therefore, with us you no longer must wait to get your vending machine serviced. By choosing us you will get:

  • Free installation of combination vending machines
  • Reliable and regular services
  • Constant monitoring and stocking of products

We supply and install vending machines, which are in top condition. We offer good quality, reliable machines. We also supply and install ice-cream vending machines as well as other vending machines in Melbourne. Our quality vending machines will make your staff more inclined towards staying at the workplace.

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