• How often do you service our vending machines?
  • We get bored with having the same products to choose from all the time, how can we change them?
  • We want healthy food.
  • Am I liable if anything happens to the machine ?
  • Are your vending machines insured ?

Our machines are serviced on an AS NEEDS basis. We will service your vending machine as often as needed to ensure you have a full range of products at all times. Our service systems will quickly access if your machine needs to be services daily/twice a week/weekly or fortnightly basis.

We can also adjust these frequencies to account for seasonal increases or decreases in staff.

You can request a change of products in your vending machine by phone or by email at any time. We will also consider products not listed, dependant on availability & cost.

WeVend's Systems also track your vending activity, allowing us to know what's selling and to always keep the most popular items fully stocked. When products are not selling we automatically introduce new products to give you more choices.

WeVend is happy to provide you with healthy options to choose from dependant on availability & price. However, if some products are clearly not popular, they will be replaced with other options.

NO! Of course, we do ask you take reasonable care of the machine & advise us of any foreseen or obvious risks, however, liability remains with WeVend.

Yes! WeVend maintains full liability for the equipment, the stock and any other damanage that results of a consequence of the machinery or it's service person. Public liability coverage of $20 Million is in place and Workers Compensation Policy are available in request

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