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Potato & Vege Chips Grams
Burger Rings 45g
BBQ Shapes 70g
Doritos Cheese Supreme 45g
Parkers Pretzels 75g
Red Rock Deli Honey Soy 45g
Red Rock Deli Chilli & Sour Cream 45g
Smiths Crinkles BBQ 45g
Smiths Crinkles Chicken 45g
Smiths Crinkles Original 45g
Smiths Crinkles Salt & Vinegar 45g
Smiths Crinkles Cheese & Onion 45g
Twisties Cheese 45g
Twisties Chicken 45g
Piranha Vege Cr BBQ Cheese 50g
Piranha Vege Cr Sweet Chilli & Lime 50g
Piranha Vege Cr Balsamic Salt & Vinegar 50g
Piranha Potato Grills (less than 100 cals) 20g
Piranha Cashew Multigrain & Soy Snack 80g
Piranha Snaps Smokehouse BBQ 25g
Piranha Snaps Light & Tangy Salsa 25g
Piranha Snaps Oregano & Thyme 25g
Cheezels 45g
Kettle - Chilli 45g
Light & Tangy 45g
Chocolates Grams
Aero - Peppermint 40g
Boost 60g
Caramello 55g
Chokitos 55g
Crunch - Nestle 45g
Crunchie 50g
Fruit & Nut 50g
Kit Kat 45g
Kit Kat Chunky 50g
Kit Kat Chunky Caramel 55g
M&M's Milk 55g
M&M's Peanut 55g
Marv Creations - Popping Candy 45g
Mars Bar 53g
Picnic 46g
Raspberry Bullets (White Choc) 100g
Snack 55g
Snickers 53g
Tim Tam Fingers 40g
Timeout 40g
Turkish Delight 55g
Twirl 39g
Twix 50g
Wagon Wheels 48g
Confectionery Grams
Mixed Lollies 100g
Skittles 55g
Mentos - Fruit 37.5g
Muesli Grams
Apricot Yoghurt Muesli 100g
Tropical Yoghurt Muesli 100g
Giant Cookies Grams
Apricot & Almond Yoghurt Coated 120g
Roast Choc Macadamia 90g
Double Choc Chip 90g
Mixed Berry Yoghurt Dipped 120g
Triple Choc 120g
White Choc Macadamia 90g
Other Grams
Salted Cashews 50g
Assorted Nuts 50g
Go Natural Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Delight 50g
Go Natural Fruit & Nut Delight 50g
Tuna to Go - Plain 244gm
Tuna to Go - Tomato & Basil 244gm
Tuna to Go - Sweet Chilli 244gm
Suimin Noodles - Braised Beef 70g
Suimin Noodles - Mi Goreng 70g
Suimin Noodles - Spicy Thai 70g
Suimin Noodles - Hot & Spicy 70g
Soft Drink (Cans) Millilitres
Coke 375ml
Diet Coke 375ml
Coke Zero 375ml
Pepsi 375ml
Pepsi Max 375ml
Solo 375ml
Solo Extreme Lemon (Low Sugar) 375ml
Sunkist 375ml
Mineral Water - Orange/Mango 375ml
Mineral Water - Lemon/Lime 375ml
Creaming Soda (Golden Circle) 375ml
Lemonade 375ml
Lemonade - Sugar free 375ml
Raspberry Lemonade 375ml
V - Energy Drink 250ml
V - Energy Drink (500ml) 500ml
Mother - Energy Drink (500ml) 500ml
Kynetons (Bottles)  
Lemon Lime Mineral Water 600ml
Orange Passion Guava Mineral Water 600ml
Apple & Raspberry Mineral Water 600ml
Gatorade (Bottle)  
Blue Bolt 600ml
Orange Ice 600ml
Berry Chill 600ml
Endurance - Blackberry 600ml
Tropical 600ml
Other drinks (bottle)  
Water 600ml
Coke 600ml
Zero 600ml
Diet Coke 600ml
Riverport 600ml
(Creamy Soda, Portello, Sarsparilla) 600ml
Ribena 600ml
Real Iced Tea Co (Bottle)  
Peach 500ml
Mango 500ml
Juices (Bottle)  
Orange 350ml
Tropical 350ml
Apple 350ml
Paddle Pop - Chocolate
Paddle Pop - Rainbow
Paddle Pop - Banana
Calippo - Raspberry/Pineapple
Calippo - Lemon
Splice - Pine/Lime
Magnum - Almond
Magnum - Chocolate Truffle
Magnum - Classic
Magnum - Ego
Magnum - Espresso
Magnum - Honeycomb Crunch
Magnum - Peppermint
Magnum - Salted Caramel
Smoothy - Strawberry
Magnum - White
Magnum - Strawberry White Crumble
Smoothy - Banana
Cornetto - Classic Vanilla
Cornetto - Classic Chocolate
Frozen Foods
Angus Beef Burger
Bacon & Cheese Burger
Pizza Roll
Satay Chicken Roll
Roast Chicken Roll
Deli Dogs(Hot Dogs)
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Beef & Cheese Pies
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Beef Pies
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Beef & MushroomPies
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Pasties
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Sausage Rolls
Mrs Macs Microwave Quick & Crispy Beef & Pepper Pies

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